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CBD Oil – Tincture for Dogs by HempMed


Helps thunderstorm and fireworks phobia.

Helps reduce vomiting and nausea.

Helps various skin conditions.

Targets anxiety, depression, and pain relief in dogs.


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HempMed Tincture for Dogs is one of the first pet-focused CBD options in Canada and targets anxiety, depression and pain relief.

Pet oil tinctures contain pure CBD and are made with Alaskan Salmon (Omega 3 oil) & organic coconut oil to ensure seamless consumption.

  • Recommended Dosage: dosage is 1/3 to 1/2 a full dropper per day. (Approx. 50-75ml.)
  • This product doesn’t contain T.H.C., so no, your pet will not get “high”.
  • Adjust the dosage accordingly to your pet’s weight, size, and condition.
  • Administration: Drop directly into mouth or add it to your pet’s food.
  • Great for medium and large breeds or pets experiencing moderate and severe health issues.


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